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The Best Practices of Elite Advisors Panel at the 2024 Pinnacle Wealth Conference 


The Best Practices of Elite Advisors Panel at the 2024 Pinnacle Wealth Conference in Kelowna showcased a wealth of insights and strategies aimed at elevating advisory excellence.

The panel highlighted the Pinnacle Platform's unique benefits, emphasizing its diversified investment strategies and comprehensive asset allocation as a clear advantage for Elite Advisors working with High Net Worth (HNW) clients. Panelists explored the essential activities that set Elite Advisors apart from their peers, emphasizing the importance of personalized client engagement, tailored financial solutions, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. 

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the panelists for their invaluable contributions to the enriching dialogue, shedding light on industry best practices and innovative approaches to advisory excellence. Special appreciation goes to Martin Theodore for his focused moderation, guiding the conversation with expertise and insight. The active participation of Dealing Representatives further enriched the panel, fostering a collaborative environment focused on driving success and excellence in the financial advisory realm. 



Martin Theodore - Pinnacle Wealth : Head Office


Alexandre Guilbeault - Pinnacle Wealth : Dealing Representative 

Peter Wickwire - Pinnacle Wealth : Dealing Representative 

Yves Morin - Pinnacle Wealth : Dealing Representative 

Jerald Tekatch : Millenium III



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