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Shifting Dynamics in the REIT Market : Thank you panelists for engaging discussions over the future of the REIT market.


At the 2024 Pinnacle Wealth Conference in Kelowna, the “Shifting Dynamics in the REIT Market Panel” provided a comprehensive overview of the diverse investment opportunities available in the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) sector. 

The panel’s primary aim was to promote honest and transparent conversations regarding the opportunities and challenges within REIT the market.

The panel discussion not only shed light on the lucrative prospects within the REIT market but also addressed the associated risks and considerations that investors should be mindful of. By acknowledging the importance of due diligence, market evaluation, and risk assessment, the panelists provided a well-rounded perspective on navigating the complexities of REIT investments. 

Moderated by Darvin Zurfluh, the panel featured esteemed industry experts who shared valuable insights on the evolving landscape of REIT investments. Throughout the discussion, the panelists underscored the benefits of investing in REITs, emphasizing the potential for attractive returns, regular income distributions, and diversification benefits that these investment vehicles offer. 

Pinnacle Wealth’s top-tier choices for investors were prominently highlighted during the panel, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing exceptional investment opportunities tailored to individual goals and risk profiles. The emphasis on Pinnacle Wealth’s standout options served to reinforce the company’s reputation as a leading provider of financial services dedicated to maximizing investor returns and portfolio growth. 

In closing, the insights shared at the “Shifting Dynamics in the REIT Market Panel” underscored the significance of informed decision-making and strategic investment approaches in the ever-evolving real estate landscape. Pinnacle Wealth’s unwavering commitment to offering exceptional investment solutions was evident throughout the discussion, reaffirming the company’s dedication to empowering investors with the tools and opportunities needed to achieve financial success. 



Darvin Zurfluh : CEO and Chairman, Pinnacle Wealth


Adam Ashby : Pier 4 Real Estate Investment Trust 

Gabriel Millard : Avenue Living Real Estate Core Trust 

Syl DeFrancesco : Pulis Real Estate Trust 

Aziz Zahmoul : Centurion Apartment REIT 

Dharma Brar : Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust  

We would like to thank the panelists as well as Darvin Zurfluh for his outstanding moderation, as his is expertise and leadership led insightful discussions and enriching the event for all attendees. 



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