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Lankin Investments : Pulis Real Estate LP2

Compliance : 20230620IA
Investor Eligibility : Investment Offering
Minimum Investment : $10,000
Total Target Return
: Investment Offering
January 2024 : Active Online

Lankin Investments : Pulis Real Estate LP2 : Transforming Bold Ambitions Into Tangible Results

Who We Are.

A multi-family asset management firm with:

$500M +

Assets Under Management


Units Under Management




Years of Experience


Southern Ontario Communities


Units for Development

Our Mission.

Driven by our people, through purposeful real estate investment, we continuously create long-term value in our communities and financial prosperity for our investors.

Lankin Investments : Pulis Real Estate LP2 : What is Pulis Real Estate LP2?

A diversified portfolio of Canadian multi-family real estate focused on value-add growth, located in core markets, that provide investors with long-term equity growth and quarterly cash distributions.

$208M +

Assets Under Management


Units Under Management






3 Year Return*

* Based on 3-year Series A total return including participation in DRIP. Past returns are not indicative of future results.

The Greater Golden Horseshoe

Cambridge I 39 Units

Hamilton I 374 Units

Mississauga I 68 Units

Brampton I 38 Units

North York I 87 Units

Lankin Investments : Pulis Real Estate LP2 : Why Pulis Real Estate LP2?


Why Pulis Real Estate LP2

Investor Benefits

  • Total targeted annualized returns of 10%+

  • Potential for Long-term equity growth and quarterly cash distributions

  • Annualized cash distributions of 6.0% - 8.0%

  • 93% profit share to investors

  • Personal or corporate tax advantages through a partnership structure

* All returns include participation of DRIP.

Lankin Investments : Pulis Real Estate LP2 : Creating Investor Value


Strategic asset acquisition


Capital improvements


Reduce operational costs & environmental impact


Refinance equity & use proceeds for new acquisitions

AQUIRE : Strategic asset acquisition

Overall Goal: Acquire Under-Serviced Multi-Family Real Estate In Highly Desirable Locations.

Investment Strategy


The Location (The Where)

  • Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe Core Markets

  • Population Intensification & Transit-Orientated Locations

  • Preference In Our Existing Markets

The Asset (The What)

  • Underserviced Buildings that are 1960-1980s Vintage

  • Identified Operational Inefficiencies

  • Suite Designs for Open Concept Floor Plans


The Source Of Deals (The How)

  • Access to Off-Market Deals

  • Established Network of Brokers & Agents that Provide Access to Deal Flow



ENHANCE : Capital Improvements 

Overall Goal: Create Value for our Residents & Our Investors through Capital Investments

In-Suite Renovation Program

  • Open Concept Layouts Modern Finishes

  • In-Suite Controlled A/C & Heat

  • Energy Efficient Appliances

  • In-Suite Laundry

  • Upgraded Plumbing & Electrical

REDUCE : Reduce operational costs & environmental impact

Overall Goal: Increase Net Operating Income & Reduce Carbon Footprint

Significant reduction in utility expenses through strategic investment

  • Up to an 80% Reduction in Energy Costs through Unit Sub-Metering & Lighting Retrofits

  • Up to an 80% Reduction in Natural Gas Consumption with In-Suite Heat Pump Program

  • Up to a 30% Reduction in Water consumption through the installation of low-flow fixtures

Professional and proven property management

  • 15+ Years of Experience. Currently Managing Over 1250 Multi-Family Units

  • Experienced People, Streamlined Processes & Proven Resident Experiences

  • Cost Effective Sourcing of Contracts & Trades due to Scale

REFINANCE & REPEAT : Refinance equity & use proceeds for new acquisitions

In Summary : Our value-add program creates...


Achieving Higher Rents Through Capital Improvements


Through Operational Efficiencies


Extract Equity with Best-In-Class Financing Programs


Unlock Cash-Flow to Acquire Additional Assets to Repeat Value-Add Program

Lankin Investments : Pulis Real Estate LP2 : Offering

Lankin Investments : Pulis Real Estate LP2 : Disclaimer and Appendix


Investment in securities of the Fund involves a degree of risk and is suitable only for investors who can withstand the loss of their investment. No assurance, representation, or warranty can be given that the Fund’s investment objectives will be achieved or that investors will receive a return of their invested capital.

Disclaimer This document is an interest seeking document only. IT IS NOT ADVICE. IT IS AN OPINION BY THE AUTHORS AND/OR PRESENTERS. No information, forward looking statements, or estimations represent any final determination. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in this presentation, numbers are subject to change and are not guaranteed. This document is for general information purposes only and is not to be construed as selling securities or real estate. While the information presented in this investor document has been researched and thought to be reasonable, in general, real estate investment is highly speculative, real estate values can go up but they can also go down, and thus LANKIN INVESTMENTS, PARTNERS AND/OR THEIR AGENTS CANNOT AND DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY RATE OF RETURN OR INVESTED AMOUNT OR INVESTMENT TIMELINE. Past performance may not be indicative of future return. Targeted returns are not guaranteed and are subject to performance assumptions and risk factors, including real estate and financing risks that are summarized in the Offering Memorandum, which may cause actual results to vary materially. Any forward- looking statements herein are subject to the assumptions and risk factors stated in the Offering Memorandum. Investors are required to conduct their own investigations, analysis, due diligence, draw their own conclusions, and make their own decisions. Any areas concerning taxes, or specific legal or technical situations should be referred to lawyers, accountants, consultants, realtors, or other professionals licensed, qualified or authorized to render such advice. This is not a solicitation for investments. Investments are sold only to investors that qualify under applicable prospectus exemptions. Please read disclosure and/or due diligence documents carefully. This offering is void where prohibited. Not every potentially interested party is eligible to invest. Minimum investment amounts and hold periods apply.
Risk and Redemption Features Investment Risks No assurance of investment return Past performance not a predictor of future results Restrictions on redemption and transfer Illiquidity of Trust/LP Units ​ Business Risks Rent control legislation Capital deployment risk Property level risk Properties will be subject to environmental risks Concentration of investments Lack of geographic diversification and concentration of risk in Ontario Real Estate is illiquid, and value is dependent on conditions beyond the partnership’s control Dependence on key personnel Effect of expenses on returns Risks of leverage ​ Regulatory Risks • Securities regulatory risks • Lack of independent counsel representing Trust/LP unitholders ​ Redemption Features Cash redemption limit is the greater of $100,000 or 5% of the Fair Market Value of the Trust Units or the Partnership per annum. For Trust Unitholders or Limited Partners who have invested for more than 5 years, cash redemption limit is greater of $100,000 or 10% of the Fair Market Value of the Trust Units or the Partnership per annum. Redemption Notes may be issued in lieu of cash if redemption requests exceed the cash redemption limit Redemption Notes are NOT eligible for registered plans.

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Internal Compliance Audit : Lankin Investments : Pulis Real Estate LP2 20230620IA : 2,3,10,11,12,13,14,16,17

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