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Pinnacle Wealth


Exempt Market Dealing Representative

November 2023

Location : Canada General


Exempt Market Dealing Representative is a representative of the dealer and by virtue of education, experience and personal interests provides clients with the opportunity to invest as well as ongoing advice for investments or offerings in private, or prospectus exempt, offerings.



  • Engage with new and existing investors to help them determine the appropriateness of investing.

  • Present investment offerings, provide investment advice, and follow through with sales.

  • Actively Engage in marketing and business development activities to attract new investors.

  • Maintain a deep understanding and technical knowledge of offerings to provide the best advice for prospective investors.


Key skills or attributes

  • Knowledgeable and well-informed

  • Engaging communicator both internal & client facing

  • Self-motivated with an entrepreneurial drive

While there are many types of roles in the Canadian financial services industry, they all seek to provide access directly or indirectly to services including advice and peace of mind for the Canadian investors. 


Pinnacle Wealth is a privately held financial firm in Canada dedicated to representing and collaborating with clients and leading industry professionals. We stay within the boundaries of our expertise to provide focused attention to our targeted client base.



As an entrepreneurial organization, we have the experience, discipline, and drive to reach our goals - how we do it is what matters. 


We embrace a growth mindset in everything we do.


Our culture is built on a foundation of doing what is right, not what is easy.


We understand our role and accountability to all of our stakeholders. 

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